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World Bank Assignments

In the past, Mr. Gagan Anand, Managing Partner of the Law Firm had served as Legal Expert for the World Bank (7577-IN) Road Sector Institutional Development Project in the State of Odisha India. As a part of this assignment he prepared the Odisha Highways Management Act, which is expected to revamp the regulatory framework for the development, maintenance and management of Highways by the Odisha Works Department (OWD).  

Mr. Anand also rendered legal services as the Contract Specialist for the highly prestigious World Bank funded project i.e. “Developing New Contract Modalities including New Forms of PPP’s under WBTA-13/2012” for the development of Highways in India.”

Mr. Gagan Anand, Managing Partner and Mrs. Shalini Munjal, Senior Partner rendered services as Legal Experts for “Preparing Guidelines & Model Contract for City Bus Private Operations” as a part of the World Bank grant project of the Ministry of Urban Development.

Currently, the Legacy Team is rendering legal services for Consulting Services for Strengthening Road Sector Policies and Strategies (SRSPS) under Rajasthan Road Sector Modernization Project (RRSMP)” – World Bank Credit No.5310 IN.