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Foreign inward investments in India

Well qualified and competent corporate lawyers of the Law Firm regularly render legal services to multinational and other foreign companies interested doing business in India.

A United Kingdom (UK) based education sector company availed the services of Legacy Law Offices in relation to establishing and operating educational institutes in India.

A United Kingdom (UK) based Traffic Monitoring Solutions Company has retained Legacy Law Offices for handling its day to day legal matters in India pertaining to its contracts for installation & maintenance of its Traffic Monitoring Equipment on Indian roads. The Company has recently signed up its first contract for the installation and maintenance of the Traffic Monitoring Equipment at 20 different sites in a North Indian State, thereby marking its foray into the Indian market. The versatile range of Traffic Monitoring Equipment includes inductive loop, pneumatic tube and radar devices to provide traditional vehicle count, speed and classification data. The company is part of an international group of companies having sales of over £ 380 million with leading possessions in the design, manufacture and supply of infrastructure products, galvanizing services and building & construction products.

A well known Canadian company dealing in technology products established its Indian subsidiary company and obtained all the required approvals from Government authorities with the assistance of Legacy Law Offices and has retained the Law Firm for rendering legal support for the day to day business operations of the company in India.

An Austin, USA based Health Nutrients company retained Legacy Law Offices for rendering legal services for establishing its operations in India. Just like its three million satisfied subscribers all around the world, the company is dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals by way of their premium supplements made with natural ingredients, informative newsletters and reports, and their online community staffed with expert nutrition and exercise coaches. Legacy Law Offices established and operationalized the wholly owned subsidiary company of the aforesaid US based company in Chandigarh, India within very short time lines. The India operations have contributed to cost cutting of the US operations, which in turn would optimise the profitability of the parent company in USA.

A USA based Charitable Organization engaged Legacy Law Offices for availing services in relation to its contractual matters in India.

An Italian business group has retained Legacy Law Offices for rendering Legal Services in relation to establishing its businesses in the Indian market. The Law Firm rendered Legal Services to the business group for launching its state of the art mobile phones and IT accessories products in the Indian market. The distribution network is being structured and established for marketing and sales of the products across India. The Law Firm has also been mandated to provide legal assistance for facilitating the entry of the Italian business group into the construction business in India.