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Legal services for Redevelopment & Modernization of Railway Stations on the Indian Railways network

As a part of its legal practice which focuses on developmental projects, Legacy Law Offices is rendering Legal Services for the Redevelopment and Modernization of the Railway Stations at Chandigarh, Bijwasan (in Delhi), Bhopal and Pune. The scope of work includes rendering legal advice in relation to the contracting strategy, preparing tender documents and contracts, while ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework enshrined in the Railways Act and the applicable rules, byelaws etc.

Letter of Award issued and Development Agreement already signed in respect of Bhopal Habibganj Railway Station, the first Railway Station of India to be developed on PPP basis.

Development Agreement already signed with the SPV incorporated by the successful bidder in respect of Habibganj, Bhopal Railway Station and Financial Closure achieved.