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3P|2.0 – Will the dream come true for India?

To read the article on IJPIEL, click hereAbstractThe Public Private Partnership Framework of India is in dire need of robust Governmental intervention at a policy and implementation level. Considering this, the 3P India Plan by Late Mr. Arun Jaitley germinated in 2014. This Plan would be responsible for the regulation, management, and financial structures of Public Private Partnership Projects in India. Although the 3P India Plan’s building blocks were laid via the 2016 Budget, the same remained incomplete due to lackluster efforts by the then Government. However, efforts for this Plan were renewed via the 2019 Budget, whose results are...

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Boosting Infrastructure – Budget 2022-23

To read the Article on AsiaLaw, click here It would be apt to term the Budget, 2022-23 presented by the Hon’ble Finance Minister as “Atmanirbhar Bharat- Revisited”. Notably, the “Budget 2022” has been welcomed warm heartedly by the Infrastructure Industry. It has been heartening to see that the Government has made an attempt to deliver a “nation-building Budget” which primarily focusses on “core infrastructure” which is important for economic growth. It is clear that emphasis has been specifically laid on the Infrastructure industry and to look for better and efficient ways of recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Overall, the Budget 2022-23 appears to achieve...

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