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Doing Business in India

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Doing Business in India

Best Law Firm For Doing Business In India

The Legacy team is well experienced in advising on all aspects of doing business in India, including
establishing a place of business in India. The law firm renders reliable legal services to foreign
companies interested in doing business in India. The law firm’s work in this regard includes
establishing subsidiary companies in India, project offices, branch offices, joint ventures, foreign
collaborations, import-export transactions, etc. The lawyers of the law firm also serve as directors on
the board of the Indian subsidiary companies of foreign companies, which are the law firm’s clients.

Well Known For Start-ups law Firm In India

Legacy Law Offices is an Indian law firm professionally managed by a team of proficient and
professional lawyers carrying rich legal work experience across various service areas.
We have a notable track record in advising our clients in matters related to corporate transactions
necessary for their businesses.

Always Keep Clients On Top As Start-ups Lawyers In India

Our team of lawyers provide transactional and legal advisory services, including day-to-day business,
regulatory issues, corporate and government affairs.
We work with domestic and international clients, and our expertise lies in providing legal advice in
business matters, from the inception to its financial closing phase. The lawyers of the law firm focus
on resolving legal complexities and help in the successful functioning of client companies to bring
forth their full potential.

As the Best Law Firm for Doing Business in India, We have Expertise In –

The lawyers of Legacy Law Offices are experienced and subject matter experts in handling corporate
matters in India, having in-depth knowledge of business laws and corporate finance. Moreover, we
help provide services that facilitate them in compliance and writing regulatory agreements and
other agreements like Distribution Agreements, Labour and employment, Joint ventures. We also
have expertise in Intellectual Property Rights, Business restructuring, due diligence and Distribution
resolution (Arbitration, Litigation).


December 3, 2020


Doing Business in India